Head in the clouds, feet in the clay.

Under this motto feddehoekstra.org develops, produces and distributes independent film productions.

Fedde Hoekstra is the driving force behind it all, but in the last years we have grown into a strong collective. We realize scenic and stylized films in the North of the Netherlands which are screened all over the world and have won prizes.

We strive for sustainability in a social sense, where we create ownership among employees and develop a community around a film. By making smart use of our goodwill and network in the northern region and an attitude where ‘one good turn deserves another’, feddehoekstra.org can succesfully join forces together!

Our next goal is the realization of the feature film ‘Jildau’. Given the size of this production and our ambition in this regard, we are striving for new cooperation. We are open for business and looking for co-producers and partnerships with relevant organizations in this regard.

We offer production service support if you need to shoot in the North of the Netherlands.

Crew op de set van "Tour de Force" / Foto © Hanne van der Velde
Cast and crew of Tour de Force in Westeremden, 2016. Photo: Hanne van der Velde

Fedde Hoekstra (Leeuwarden, 1970) has been working in the Dutch film industry for more than 30 years. He started out as an actor in several Dutch and Frisian TV series and films, but gradually got behind the scenes. He has held positions as co-director, first a.d. and location scout.

Hoekstra has written and directed 9 short films and worked as a co-director for 2 TV series and a feature film.

A strong influence on his role as a filmmaker is the background that Hoekstra has as a visual artist. He exhibited his work in the Netherlands and abroad. His paintings, drawings and collages are in collections of private individuals and companies.

Hoekstra also wrote and played some comedy theatre shows, gave a performance at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and won the 1995 CJP Poetry Prize.

Fedde as Geert Jansma in Spijkerhoek, 1989. Photo: Henny Miltenburg

Head in the clouds, feet in the clay.