In a time when the first rumors about mining and railroads loom up, a heady and fatal love story takes place on a remote farm surrounded by wild and scenic nature:

Jildau, an independent female farmer, saves the life of a badly injured deserter. Her three farm hands, with whom she shares the bed on Sundays by rotation, ignite into jealousy when she transforms the young stranger into her chosen one. Passion drives all in the direction of a tragedy.

Director: Fedde Hoekstra
Scenario: Marlais Olijrhook & Fedde Hoekstra
Genre: Neo-noir [western x romance x fim noir x fantasy]
Language: Frisian & English
Target audience: 16 +, Arthouse, International.
Production compagny: feddehoektra.org

feddehoekstra.org owns the film rights of the novel ‘Het Zondagsbed’ (The Sunday Bed), by Dutch writer and poet Theun de Vries, on which the scenario for ‘Jildau’ has been based.

Given the size of this production and our ambition in this regard, we are striving for new cooperation. We are open for business and looking for co-producers and partnerships with relevant organizations in this regard.

Moodboard: Yvonne Dijkstra

Hoofd in de wolken, poten in de klei.